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Fotografie a popisy rostlin > Bublinatky (Utricularia) > Utricularia alpina - Henry Pittier NP, Venezuela

Utricularia alpina

Hentry Pittier NP, Venezuela

The national park Henry Pitter in Venezuela is "locus lassicus" of large-flowered population of Utricularia alpina. One of the clones comming from this region was also registered as horticultural cultivar Utricularia 'Pittier Moon' (Wyman and Hoogenstrijd 2007). According to available oral information, there were 12 - 14 clones imported by several botanist expeditions. These clones slightly differ in flowers size, colouration (some of them are pinkish) and inflorescence morphology. I had opportunity to see four of them. The one that is presented here has the largest flowers with snow-white corola. Taking all this together I am not able to confirm, that here presented clone is the same as cultivar U. 'Pittier Moon'. Therefore I reffer to this plant as Utricularia alpina "Large flowered - Henri Pittier NP, Venezuela" and cuttings from this clones should not be confused with the registered cultivar, as the authors wish so (Wyman and Hoogenstrijd 2007).

       The presented clone of Utricularia alpina has enormous flowers, frequently exceeding imensions of 6 cm. But record flowers in our collection had 81 mm across! The largest inflorescence observed in our collection held 5 flowers in range of 55mm - 65mm across, together 310 mm across. Leaves are also very robust, almost of succulent nature, when grown in harder, well-ventilated conditions.


       Wyman TH, Hoogenstrijd G (2007): New cultivars Utricularia 'Pittier Moon'. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter 36(4): 118 - 119.

Details of water dropllets.

Three shots of enormous flower: 81 - 82 mm!

Stanya with large-flowered Utricularia alpina.

Colleague Ing. Jitka Jiříková holding the plant.